"3, 2, 1... SHOWTIME"

It's SHOWTIME people and "ohhhhh" how I have come to love these moments.

It means I am finally ready to let people taste my food (or at least make them laugh if it's horrible). It doesn't matter what business you are in - there is an element of "showtime" in all, or most, of them and by "showtime", I mean not showing what's really no one else's "problem" than yours and just putting on a smile even if you might not be on the best of your days, no matter what you have going on personally. It's called being professional.

I grew up on a stage and continue to love entertaining (at first a 5 year old ballet dancer and later at the danish equivalent of Mickey Mouse Club), and just like a performer/actress have A LOT of work before the curtains are pulled and you see the final show, so does a cook.

So does a lawyer. So does a dancer. So does a surgeon.

When an actor is on stage, you don't see the hours of studying the script and memorizing the lines.

Just like you don't see the long hours kitchen staff has of writing proposals/recipes/menus, filling out higiene forms, possibly shopping doing the mise en place, to later do the cooking and in the end, serving it to the customers.

(At a Catering for Tod's - foto: Louie Thain) Whether that "showtime" moment is in front of your new potential boss in an interview, presenting your ideas to your superiors, being in the service industry like hotels, waiting a table, or even doing a surgery of a sick patient or defending your client in court, I would dare to say that most industries have this element to it. Even people when they are not working, have this "element" to their lives. Think about it - Facebook, then now more recently Instagram. We show what we want to show. Good or bad. However, people tend to in the vast majority, show only the "perfect side" of their life. Probably because we all know how uncomfortable it makes us feel when some one, we don't really know, start complaining about their lives to us. We tend not to want to hear these things, naturally. I think that maybe this is due to also show some kind of "weakness" and, as far as my experience goes at least, NO ONE wants to be the weak one out of their group.

Everyone wants to seem like they are living the "perfect life". I am going to try to connect the dots here. Are you ready for it? Many people have said it before me... Here we go: NO ONE (seriously) has this life, no matter what you see on Instagram and dreams about having.

So, whatever business you're in, it's NORMAL to have moments that aren't perfect at all. I have many of them. However, I choose to say "SHOWTIME" to myself and show mostly the positive moments, because they motivate me to stay on that "route". Positive energy generates positive energy. Negativity can easily take over your body and mind.

What I want is to leave you with the feeling that no one is above these moments, so do not give up on your journey. Pull the mental curtain and let the little voice in your head say "SHOWTIME" to yourself. Let the good things you have in life, no matter how little show. Don't spend time on the negative.

Stuff sometimes DOES look bleek and hard to get out of, but "when there is a will, there is a way" as the saying goes. So, SMILE and as long as you do something everyday to make you happy that is enough. Because, lets be real, everyone knows that no one lives this SHOWTIME life in real life.

Cakes & Kisses, Ann-Kristin

Em português: (em tradução)

(Com o o meu "irmão" Chefe Joe Best - Foto Pau Storch)

(Interview FOR / Entrevista para Diario de Noticias - FOTO/Photo: JORGE AMARAL)

(Interview FOR / Entrevista para Diario de Noticias - FOTO/Photo: JORGE AMARAL)



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