Happy Halloween Guys! Halloween is upon us and what better way than to be inspired to do something a little differnet than normal? Halloween calls for fun, costumes and child-like behavior and for that reason I was inspired by a drink we drink in Denmark as kids called saft for this dish and it is basically mostly for kids. Just like Halloween trick or treat. Saft is like a diluted sugar and fruit syrup that you drink made from red fruits - more in specific blackcurrant. So it's natural that this dish, the hero ingredient, is of course blackcurrant. I paired it with chestnuts (my new found love) in different textures - as a crumble, as a mousse and as a paste. The other elements are blackcurrant sorbet (the skull heads), blackcurrant jelly, pickled and mousse. For an extra effect, the sauce making everything look bloody is a blackcurrant and liquorice sauce. Who wants the recipe and plating tips? :D Comment below if you do! Here is a close up shot of the dish.

Before the sauce was poured on.

After the sauce was poured on.

Photography, recipe, plating and styling by me.

Cakes & Kisses,

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#blackcurrant #chestnuts #mousse #dessert

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