Salmon, Clams and Peas | RECIPE

October 16, 2017

Salmon, Peas and Clams. Match made in heaven?


Who doesn't like a little omega 3? Finish off the dish with a fresh squeeze of lemon juice, sea salt and borrage leaves. 


A note on the salmon and clams. Make sure to get wild salmon. In terms of nutrition, there are many studies that show that it is actually worse for you eating farm raised salmon than many other types of animal protein due to the high content of mercury and antibiotics in the flesh. 


Salmon, Clams and Peas

(4 people)


1 kg peas

1 stalk celery, chopped

1 white onion, chopped

1 garlic clove, skin off

1 bay leaf

200 ml cream

200 ml full fat milk

1 knob of butter and dash of olive oil


Lemon Cream:

200g greek yogurt, 

2 tsp lemon juice + zest

salt + pepper, to taste

1 garlic, pressed


4 filets of wild salmon

1 kg clams

200 ml white wine

parsley, chopped

1 shallot, chopped

butter, to taste

1 garlic clove, pressed

olive oil, to taste

salt + pepper


Vegetables of your choice - I choose parsnip and a pea pod (you can choose other vegetables in season), well cleaned
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice (optional)



1. In a pot, cook out onions, garlic clove, bay leaf and celery stalk in butter and olive oil for the pea pure. Cook for 20 minutes under a lid. Add peas. Cover with milk and cream. Cook for 6 minutes. 

Separate solids from liquids in a strainer. Blend solids in a blender on high speed. Add slowly liquid until you get the desired texture (not runny). Pass through a fine strainer with a spatula and transfer mixture into a piping bag. Puree done. 


2.  While cooking the above you can clean the vegetables and cut into desired shapes and sauté them for 3-5 minutes in a bit of olive oil and butter. Season with salt and pepper. Reserve covered with tin foil. 


3. Add to the same pan some olive oil, the salmon filets, the garlic clove, some salt and some pepper. Cook for 3 minutes on each side (depending on the size of your filets).

4. In the same pan, sweat the shallot and garlic. To open the clams, add them to the pan on high heat, and add the white wine and cover with a lid. Cook until they open. Add parsley and butter and mix. Discard any clams that didn't open. Remove the clams from their shells except four (to save for plating). Chop them up and add the (strained) pan juices to the mixture. Add some of this mixture to fill a pea pod and fill back into a shell of a clam.

5. Mix all the ingredients for the lemon cream in a small bowl. 

Put spoonfuls of puree on the plate. Swoosh with the end of a spoon the pure to make your desired shape. Add the salmon, clams and vegetables to the plate along with the lemon cream. Garnish with Borrage Cress micro greens and a fresh squeeze of lemon juice. Serve. 


Hope you liked the recipe and the plating. Comment, share and like or tell me your thoughts! <3

Photography, Food Styling and Recipe by me.

For more info, food styling, food photography or chef consultancy requests, contact me via:

Cakes & Kisses,



1 kg ervilhas congeladas
1 caule de aipo
1 cebola branca, picada
1 dente de alho, sem casca
1 folha de louro
200 ml natas
200 ml leite gordo manteiga,
q.b.azeite, q.b.
Gotas de limão, fresca.


Creme de Limão:
200g iogurte grego natural
2 c. chá sumo de limão + raspas de limão

sal e pimenta
1 dente de alho, picado
4 filletes de salmão salvagem
1 kg ameijoas
200 ml winho branco
salsa, picado
1 shalotta, picado
manteiga, q.b
1 dente de algo, esmagado
azeite, q.b
sal e pimenta

1. Numa panela, faz um refogado com a cebola, dente de alho, folha de louro, e caule de aipo picado em manteiga e um pouco de azeite. Cozinhar durante 20 minutos debaixo duma tampa. Adicionar ervilhas. Cobrir com leite e natas. Cozinhar a fervilhar durante 6 minutos.
2. Separar sólidos dos líquidos. Transferir sólidos a uma liquificadora com 2 colheres de sopa do liquido. Triturar ao velocidade máxima. Continuar a acrescentar líquidos se o puré estiver demasiado grosso. Retificar sabores com sal e pimenta. Passar por um chinos com a ajuda duma spatula. 
3. Saltear os vegetais a sua escolha depois de limpas e cortadas, durante 3-5 minutos numa frigideira com azeite. Temperar com sal e pimenta. Adicionar um pouco de manteiga a gosto.
4. Na mesma frigideira, grelhar o salmão. Durante 3 minutos de cada lado (dependente da grossura). Temperar com sal e pimenta. Retirar e cobrir com folha de aluminium. 
5. Adicionar ameijoas na mesma frigideira a lume alto. Adicionar vinho branco e tapar até abrirem. Adicionar salsa e manteiga. Misturar. Descartar ameijoas que não abriram bem. Picar ameijoas e adicionar os molhos da frigideira (coado) a essa mistura. Rechear uma casca de ervilha e uma concha de ameijoa por pessoa. 
6. Juntar ingredientes para o creme de limão numa tigela pequena. 

EMPRATAMENTO: Colocar uma colher de sopa do pure de ervilhas e arrastar com a ponta da colher. Colocar o salmão, as ameijoas e a ervilha inteira recheada com ameijoas.
Colocar os vegetais salteados e um pouco do creme de limão.
Temperar com sal, pimenta, Borrage Cress (micro ervas). 

Bolinhos & Beijinhos,

Fotografia, Food Styling, Empratamento & Receita por mim. 

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