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So, for the ones of you who have seen my stories on my Instagram recently, you will know that I "launched" #annkristinkitchentips there. It's an exclusive insight to my productions and are short story videos with the purpose to help resolve your doubts and give you my tips and tricks in video format. And A LOT of you are responding to them so it's definitely something I will keep up doing for you. So, now you know, if you have any doubts or would like some tips about a certain aspect of the culinary world, comment below or reach me on any of my social media channels (facebook, instagram or youtube).

Today, I had a tip about how to fix your meringue if it comes out beaten too much. It's kind of a "home-y" trick, but it has saved me a lot of times when I either don't have more egg whites or don't want to go through the steps again. The real recipe and steps are below. Obviously, I have written out the do's and dont's with my recipe for Italian Meringue also. Lets get to it.

Italian Meringue (120 kisses) Ingredients: 250g sugar

80g water

100g egg whites

1 teaspoon of lemon juice

vanilla paste Method: 1. Clean stand mixer bowl with the lemon juice and paper towels on the inside. Prepare a piping bag (if you want the stripes on the meringue kisses on the photos, read more below) with a nozzle. If you want nice and round meringue kisses, use a round nozzle. If you want star shaped ones, use a star nozzle. 2. Add the water and sugar to a small pot with a handle and heat up. The sugar has to reach 121ºC before adding to your egg whites. 3. When the sugar syrup is at 105-110ºC, start beating your egg whites on medium speed. Let them beat until they are at soft peaks.

4. When the egg whites are at soft peaks and your sugar syrup has reached 121ºC, tkae it off the heat and let the bubbles disappear. Add the sugar syrup to the egg whites very slowly, down the sides of the mixer bowl, while constantly beating, now at high speed.

5. Continue to beat for around 7-8 minutes or until the outside of the bowl has cooled off.

6. Stop the mixer and add a teaspoon of vanilla paste and carefully mix in the meringue with a scraper. 7. Add to piping bag and pipe little even sized meringue kisses and "bake" on oven for 75 minutes (for 2 cm in diameter sized kisses) at 90ºC. 8. Let cool off inside the oven to prevent cracking. Store in a REALLY airtight container for up to 10 days.


  • DO have gel colors (I used Wilton here) ready with a little brush if you want to make the stripes on your meringue kisses as I did. You have to put in a nozzle in a piping bag, turn the piping bag inside out, and rest it on top of something tall like a bottle of olive oil or licor. Fill up your bag with the meringue mixture and pipe as you normally would.

  • DO clean your mixing bowl very well so that it is free of grease. Any grease (or yolk) with make the egg whites expand less.

  • DON'T stop your mixer half way through or add the sugar syrup all at once. It needs to be in a single strand, down the side of the bowl, slowly.

  • DON'T add color or flavor to the egg whites at the beginning or the middle. The best result is at the end, in my opinion.

  • DON'T make all different sized meringues on the same baking paper.

  • DO always use really fresh eggs (or pasteurized) and egg whites at room temperature.

If you have a broken meringue it can be for several reasons. Altogether, you want to start over if you are a perfectionist like me. However, if we (as we sometimes are) have a broken meringue for over-mixing (or too little), mixing it with a scraper and "beating out" some of the air, seem to work well for me and the mixture becomes a little looser than before, making it pipe and cook much better.

Do you have any tips of how you make your meringue? I would love to hear them! Also, if there are any doubts you have in the kitchen or with a certain ingredients, contact me on facebook, instagram or youtube, i will try to help the best as I can.. and who knows, your doubts might become a kitchen tip. If so, I will of course mention you in my stories on Instagram as thanks. Photography, Food Styling & Recipe by me. Cakes & Kisses Ann-Kristin

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