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This is basically the result of finding on the market a miniature corn cob and because I had some "linguiça"(type of Portuguese sausage) left over in the fridge from a "petisco" night (portuguese version of tapas).

The puré on the bottom is corn puré and the rest is pretty self explanatory - kale, grilled corn cob, linguiça, white beans, tomatoes and bell peppers. Although the original version calls for Lima beans, I had none and was getting pretty hungry so a trip to the supermarket wasn't going to happen. This dish was served a lot during the Great Depression in the United States due to it's inexpensive ingredients. Sometimes, a pie crust was put on top to resemble a traditional pot pie. Succotash is a very popular dish during times like Thanksgiving, that we in Europe, don't celebrate, but that doesn't mean we can't cook succotash on other occasions. Like mine, a week night fast dinner. The recipe is very versatile and you can load it up with as many vegetables as you want. Add some protein like bacon, chourizo or linguiça as me and you have a perfect fast and filling dinner.


"Succotash" (4 people) INGREDIENTS: 2 "linguiças" or other spicy chourizo type of sausage, chopped into slices

4 Baby Corn Cobs (charred on BBQ or Grill)

200g white beans

10 kale leafs

1 red bell pepper, skin charred and removed

2 tomatoes, seeds removed

1 white onion, chopped finely

100g sweet corn, canned and drained


400g of sweet corn, canned and drained

100ml of cream

50g butter with salt

salt and pepper, to taste


Black Sea Salt (BART Spices)


1. In a small pot, boil the sweet corn, cream and butter. Blend and press through a sieve. Add to a pastry bag and reserve.

2. On a hot pan, sauté the onions, sweet corn, beans, linguiça, kale leafs, bell pepper and tomatoes. Season with salt and pepper.

3. Char the baby corn cobs on a grill.

4. With a cutter, cut out little "discs" of the blanched kale. Reserve (optional).

PLATING: Add the pure to the plate in a circular motion. Add a good spoonful of succotash to the plate on one side of the dish, off-center. Add the charred baby corn cob to the plate, discs of kale and serve hot.

Finish with back sea salt.

Cakes & Kisses,

Ann-Kristin Food styling, Plating, Recipe and Photography by me.

For more info or enquires: hello@chefannkristin.com


"Succotash" (4 people) INGREDIENTS: 2 "linguiças"

4 maçarocas baby

200g feijão branco

10 folhas de kale

1 pimento vermelho, picado

2 tomates, sem sementes, picados

1 cebola branca, picado finamente

100g milho doce, escorrido


400g milho doce, escorrido

100ml natas

50g manteiga com sal

sal e pimenta, w.b.


Sal Marinho Preto (BART Spices)


1. Numa panela pequena, ferver milho doce, natas, manteiga e sal e pimenta. Triturar numa liquificadora. Passar por uma peneira com a ajuda duma espatula. Transferir a um saco pasteleiro. Reservar.

2. Numa frigideira quente, saltear linguiça, pimento vermelho, tomate, milho doce, kale, feijão branco com sal e pimenta.

3. Queimar/cozinhar as maçarocas baby num BBQ ou no grill no forno.

4. Com ajuda dum cortante redondo, cortar discos pequenos duma folha de kale (opcional).

EMPRATAMENTO: Adicionar o pure ao prato em movimentos circulares. Adicionar a mistura de succotash ao prato, fora do centro do prato. Adicionar o maçaroca baby e os discos de kale.

Finalizar com sal marinho preto (opcional) ou sal normal.

Bolinhos & Beijinhos,

Ann-Kristin Food styling, Receita, Empratamento & Fotografia por mim.

Mais info: hello@chefannkristin.com

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