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Duck, Fondant Potatoes, Parsnip, Charred Onions, NasturTiums and Duck Jus.

So, this dish took little effort but ended up with a great looking result. Took me basically 50 minutes to make the main ingredientes - duck, potatoes and parsnips. The sauce, if you have duck stock or chicken stock handy, this can take you very little time, but if you need to make it from scratch, expect like 3 hours to make the stock and sauce from start to finish. Basically by roasting the duck bones with some meat still on it, deglazing the roasting pan afterwards with some licqueur or wine, adding some cranberry jam/gelee, butter, chicken or duck stock, salt and pepper, dark brown sugar and some roux bits. Whichever you choose, it was a great dinner and duck is one of my favorite meats out there.

Cooked, Plated, Styled and Photographed by me.

EM PORTUGUêS: (em tradução)

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