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This is a recipe that is a great welcoming of the soon to be spring. I almost can't wait for summer and this is a great way to be reminded of all the great recipes of that season. I have loved passion fruit ever since I was little, yet in Denmark it is a ingredient that is very costly, so I rarely had them. Now that I live in Portugal, I almost always have them at home. Great for desserts, lemonades, jams, well really, everything in my opinion. If you're not a passionfruit lover, you can easily substitute the fruit with another of your liking (ex. strawberries, rhubarb, pineapple, orange, plums, etc.). PASSIONFRUIT CHEESECAKE Ingredients: For the filling of the cheesecake: 200ml cream 600 g creamcheese 100 g fine sugar 1 tsp organic lemon peel 1 tsp lemon juice, freshly squeezed seeds of 1 vanilla pod 7g (2 1/2 sheets) of gelatine, soaked in water For the base: 400g digestive cookies

100g butter, melted Passionfruit Topping: 4 fresh passionfruit pulp, with seeds 3 g gelatine (1 sheet), soaked and melted in microwave) 100 ml water 25 g sugar

Method: 1. In a food processor, blitz all the digetive cookies until you have a fine sand texture. Slowly add the melted butter into the food processor. The final result should be like humid sand. Grease or cling film a baking shape, add the mixture and press with a spoon to smoothen it out. Reserve in fridge. 2. With a hand mixer, beat the cream cheese until it becomes smooth. Slowly add the sugar and beat on high. Slowly add the cream beating on medium speed until it thickens and has become a smooth creamy consistency. Add the melted gelatine and mix well. Add the rest of the ingredients: the lemon juice, vanilla, lemon peel and mix carefully. Pour on top of the base and leave in fridge to set for 2 hours. 3. For the topping, add all ingredients but the gelatine to a small pot and boil. Take of heat and add the soaked gelatine. Pour on top of cheesecake carefully. Leave in fridge to set another 2 hours. Serve. Cakes & Kisses,

Ann-Kristin Food styling, Plating, Food Photography by me.



Ingredientes: Para o creme do cheesecake: – 1 pacote de 200 ml de natas frias – 600 g de queijo creme (tipo Philadelphia – 3 pacotes) – 100 g açucar fino – 1 c. chá raspa de limão – 1 c. chá sumo de limão – sementes de 1/2 vagem de baunilha – 7 g gelatina neutra, demolhado e derretido Para a base: – 400g bolachas digestive – 100g manteiga com sal, derretida Para o topping de maracujá: – 4 maracujás frescas, miolo/sumo tirado e reservado – 3 g gelatina neutra, demolhado e derretido – 100 ml agua – 25 g açucar

Método: 1. Numa processador de alimentos com a lamina colocada, triturar todas as bolachas digestive até obter uma “areia” fina. Adicionar lentamente a manteiga derretida enquanto a processador esta ligado na velocidade medio. Aumentar velocidade até o maximo e deixar as bolachas e a manteiga misturarem-se por completo. O resultado final devia ser uma areia humida. Untar uma forma redonda (na base da forma) com papel vegetal e adicionar a areia de bolachas. Pressionar com uma colher e alisar a mistura para fazer a base do cheesecake. 2. Numa batedeira com a vara colocada, adicionar o queijo creme e bater até obter um creme. Na velocidade maxima, adicionar lentamente o açúcar – o creme devia engrossar. Adicionar depois do açúcar as natas lentamente até a mistura fica um creme sedoso. Adicionar a gelatina derretida lentamente. Adicionar o restante das ingredientes (raspa limão, sumo limão e baunilha) e misturar com cuidado. Espalhar o creme por cima da base de bolacha e alisar o topo com uma espátula. 3. Adicionar todas as ingredientes a uma panela pequena, menos a gelatina, e deixe ferver. Tire do lume e adicionar a gelatina. Espalhar por cima do cheesecake já arrefecido 1 hora no frigorifico. Deixar no frio mais 2 horas antes de servir.

Perfeito para uma festa ou jantar de verão! :)

Bolinhos & Beijinhos Ann-Kristin

Fotografia, Food Styling & Receita por mim.

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