Candied Orange Peel with Dark Chocolate | VIDEO RECIPE

In french, they're called "Orangettes". No matter the name, they're delicious. And this comes from a person (me) that doesn't appreciate orange flavored candies very much. These are about the only thing tasting like orange that I can stand (curious thing right?) everything else is a no-go for me. The process from start to finish is about 45 minutes (not counting overnight drying time). THe process of making these candied orange peels is the same base as candy-ing any peel or root (ex. ginger root, lemon peel, lime peel, etc.) so apply it to anything you would like and you have a candied (aka crystalized for a more techinical term..) work of art like snack.

To dip them in chocolate you need to dry them overnight first and then dip in chocolate. Candied Orange Peel with Dark Chocolate (makes about 20) Ingredients: peel of 1 organic orange cut in strips 200g sugar + more fine sugar to dust and roll orange peels in

200g melted dark chocolate 300ml + 300 ml +300ml water

Método: 1. Wash the orange very well, take of the peel and cut into strips. 2. Ina small pot, cover the orange peels with 300 ml water. Boil for 15 minutes. Strain. 3. Put the orange peels back in the pot, cover with 300 ml water and add 100g of the sugar. Boil for 10 minutes. Strain. 4. Repeat step 3. 5. On a tray lined with baking paper and topped with fine white sugar, add the strained orange peels. Dust and coat in the fine sugar. Let dry overnight. 6. Melt chocolate in microwave in a bowl for 30 second intervals, stirring between each time. 7. Dip the dried orange peels in the chocolate and set to dry. Voila! “Orangettes” are done. I also made a video of how to make them below:

Cakes & Kisses Ann-Kristin


(20 orangettes) Ingredientes: Casca de 1 laranja biológica, em tiras (ver video) 200g açúcar + mais açúcar fino para polvilhar 200g Chocolate preto derretido 300ml + 300 ml +300ml agua

Método: 1. Lavar bem a laranja, tire a casca, com a ajuda duma faca, em pedaços inteiros e corte em tiras compridas. 2. Numa panela média, cobrir as cascas com os 300ml de agua e deixe ferver durante 15 minutos. Escoar. 3. Volte a colocar as tiras de laranja na panela e cobrir com os 300ml de agua. Adicionar 100g açucar. Cozer durante 10 minutos. 4. Repetir passo 3. Escoar. 5. Numa travessa com açúcar fino(q.b.) no fundo, colocar as tiras de laranja escorridas. Polvilhar com mais açúcar fino. Deixe secar durante 12-24 horas. 6. Derreter chocolate preto numa tigela apropriado para ir ao microondas em intervalos de 30 segundos na potência maxima até derretido, mexendo entre cada 30 segundos. 7. Mergulhar tiras de laranja secas no chocolate, alinhar numa travessa com papel vegetal e deixe o chocolate até endurecer. Servir. Voila! “Orangettes” francesas prontas :) VER O MEU VIDEO EM CIMA DOS PASSOS. Bolinhos & Beijinhos Ann-Kristin

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