Here's some of the media that I have appeared in.
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"If any doubts were left to the quality of work by Ann-Kristin, as a passionate and enthusiast of the culinary industry, it is dispelled by her first cookbook where she shows a vast knowlegde about the products and the techniques aligned perfectly by her elegant plating skills." 

Manuel Luis Goucha | TV-host

 Text from my plating cookbook  "Novas Memorias"


Christmas recipe video with "Segredos de Cozinha" magazine. Frenchtoast with walnut icecream, pumpkin textures and spices. December 2015. 

Interview with "A Televisão" about cooking tv-show Experience and my second place prize and future projects and dreams. Interview from June 2015 at Hotel Evolution by reporter Flávio David.  

Interview with "A Televisão" about the launch of my carrot cake by Ann-Kristin (Bolo de Cenoura por Ann-Kristin). Interview from October 2015 at Hotel Evolution by reporter Alexandre de Oliveira. 

Cooking two pasta recipes for Milaneza for International Pasta Day.

SuperBock Home Chef - Home Chef concept where SuperBock fans win a dinner in their house for their friends to promote the "FriendShip Fund" by SuperBock. 

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