Inspired by a wedding I did at Monserrate Palace in Sintra, Portugal two weeks ago, we had these beautiful rack of lamb and got immediately the feeling of "I need to make a dish with these rack of lamb" and well, so I did. 

The dish for th...

Summer is upon us. I want to eat healthier, lighter, and faster... with that one exception for a more sturdy meal because, after all, we can't just live on salads and light food for a whole of the three summer months. 

I wanted that "...

Duck, Fondant Potatoes, Parsnip, Charred Onions, NasturTiums and Duck Jus.

So, this dish took little effort but ended up with a great looking result. Took me basically 50 minutes to make the main ingredientes - duck, potatoes and parsnips.

First of all, what is confit?

Basically and explained in a rather fast way it is the act of cooking something submerged in oil. Might sound greasy to you, but the result is actually just really succulent. With something like pork, that can...

I am in the mood for tacos, so the other day for a group dinner, I decided to make some. Great way to try to use other proteins than the regular chicken or ground meat. 

Plating for this is simple. Plate up 4 on each plate, leaned up again...

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A Chef Ann-Kristin nasceu na Dinamarca, mas mora em Portugal desde os 12 anos de idade. É uma ex-modelo, que agora “desfila" na cozinha.

É conhecida e reconhecida pela sua tripla função de Chef, Food Designer e fornecedora de Catering para o mercado de luxo.

Esta última “função” conta com deliciosas e impressionantes obras de arte culinárias, transmitindo elegância, requinte, sofisticação e sabor através de seus pratos e ementas.

A Chef Ann-Kristin dedica-se à catering para o mercado de luxo, jantares e almoços privados, festas, casamentos, consultoria de chef e desenvolvimento de receitas, show cookings e workshops.

Livro de Empratamento da Ann-Kristin:
"Novas Memórias"
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